Call Me Back API


Call Me Back API offers clients (e.g. on a webpage) the possibility to request a callback on a selected date & time. The callback request is then routed via the telephone system to the right agent that executes callback on desired date & time.

What are the key features?

  • Simple — a few input parameters are sufficient, no detailed personal data required

  • Client focused – reduction of client’s waiting time and improvement of client experience

  • Individualized – client- and campaign-specific UBS expert on the phone

What output data can I get?

  • Available service lines

  • Scheduled call with the client advisor within the next few minutes

  • Scheduled call with the client advisor for a given timeslot


What input data is required?

  • Service line ID

  • Phone Nr

  • Time slot


How can I test this API?

In order to test the Call Me Back API, please register and/or sign in and get your subscription key. Please see documentation.


How can I use this API?

  1. Evaluate Partnership
    Get in touch with us, if you are interested in using this API as an UBS partner. Please see here.

  2. Get API Credentials
    Once you are an UBS partner, you will get your credentials for calling the API.

  3. Call API
    For details on how to call the API, please check the API reference.