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Picture uses key4 API to offer mortgages

Thanks to the Mortgage Offer API, users can access indicative mortgage prices directly on the is the largest online real estate marketplace in Switzerland. They display indicative mortgage prices to their property seekers via the key4 API. With just a few clicks, users can evaluate how they could finance a property of their dreams. Thanks to the Mortgage Offer API, it is no longer necessary for users to enter all the specifications for all the various properties of their interest. This simplifies property searches considerably—corresponding to key4’s strategy to optimize and digitize process flows.

Houzy uses the key4 Mortgage API to create smart advice

Houzy makes home ownership easy. Thanks to the Mortgage Offer API, Houzy users can receive indicative mortgage prices directly within the Houzy platform.

How it works: Houzy allows home owners and home buyers to compare mortgages. Houzy already possesses certain information on the property of the user, such as address and object type. Based on this information, and complemented by a few short questions, users can conveniently get an individual mortgage offer.

Houzy simply calls the Mortgage Offer API and displays the indicative prices of the mortgage that is returned by the API.

Houzy stores the financing-related information of their users, allowing the latter to return and check the very latest mortgage prices at any time, as Houzy simply re-runs the API call.

If the user is interested in proceeding with the offer, Houzy redirects the user to the website to schedule a meeting.

Read more about the Mortgage Offer API and how to get started as a partner in the key4 ecosystem.

About our partner Houzy: On their mission to make home ownership easy, the online platform Houzy intelligently links data and derives individual recommendations for each home owner and home buyer. For example, the platform informs the user when their heating system should be renovated and how much money they should set aside for this purpose. The start-up company is developing the leading platform for home owners with a wealth of expert knowledge (500 professionals from ten sectors) and a rapidly growing community.


May 2022

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